Meet Zeus – cloud-based, customised and fast
Zeus is Australia’s most reliable and feature-packed stroke telehealth platform.
Zeus enables urgent care via borderless cloud-based technology. We work with clients to adapt our unique Zeus telehealth backbone technology for their needs, creating co-designed and customised tools to suit the needs of our health and emergency service partners.
Together, we design the features and solutions relevant to a particular region’s requirements.
In 2021, we partnered with the Australian Stroke Alliance on a critical national mission: to deliver Golden Hour Pre-hospital Stroke Care to those who need it most. Working with the Alliance’s health partners, Titan has customised its Zeus technology to suit the needs of neurologists, nurses, aeromedical retrievalists, paramedics and health service leaders.
Why adapt Zeus for stroke?
Most need to travel over 200 kilometres to access care and only three per cent receive care in a specialist stroke centre (77 per cent in metro areas). Prehospital stroke care will help reach those missing out on care
Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander populations have strokes earlier than other Australian communities.
A third of Australians live in rural and remote locations and they have a higher incidence of stroke
Core features
Designed with advice from neurologists, paramedics and nurses, Zeus offers:
Seamless communication using videoconferencing
User-friendly stroke assessment notes
Simple integration of clinical information and patient records
Decision tools so the patient is transferred to the right hospital
Hospital pre-notification for doctors, nurses and paramedics
National pre-hospital telestroke
As a member of the Australian Stroke Alliance, Titan has adapted and implemented custom versions of Zeus for:
South Western Sydney Stroke Capable Ambulances
Regional Hunter New England Stroke Capable Ambulances
Melbourne Mobile Stroke Unit
Regional Victorian Stroke Capable Ambulances
SA Telestroke
Beyond stroke
Titan is developing a host of Zeus expansions to cover other disease domains:
Post-COVID monitoring
Remote follow up
Zeus is used by:
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